Another stupid year.

I just wanted to be alone tonight. But I think I’m glad I got out of the house, I feel like I would have done something dumb if I hadn’t. I’ve just been feeling really lonely and depressed.
Nobody actually cares though, no matter how many times they say they do. No matter how many times they say they’ll always be there for me, I never ever believe them. I have learned I can trust absolutely no one. I think I’d rather be forever alone than keep getting hurt by “friends” who just bail on me when they’re through using me for whatever.
It makes me sad knowing I don’t and can never have any real friends tho~
Fuck 2013, and every year before and after.

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    I only hung out with you for an hour or 2 but. Don’t sell yourself short I thought you were cool,and would hang with you...
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